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HLGoods is located in Canada,it is one of the best manufacturer and supplier specializing in research, development and the production of many kinds of jewelry in the world.

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  • Yes thus is my 3rd e-mail and no one has answered me. If you can’t just refund my money back to my debit card im really upset because no one will answer my emails.

    Randy Corder on
  • It’s me again you have my email address here’s my phone number 740-616-5550 so if someone would please call me i need to know where my ring is.

    Randy Corder on
  • Yes i placed an order back on I think 12/31 or on 1/421 on a Mystikal sterling silver ring size 10 and i haven’t received it yet and no one has contacted me about the ring so will you please contact me so i know when ill receive the ring. Thank you

    Randy Corder on
  • Yes would you please contact me i would really like to purchase a ring. Here’s my phone number 740-616-5550 you can call me anytime thank you.

    Randy Corder on

    kvdimNpC on

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